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We have What you need for staining GRAM, Acid Fast Bacilli & Hematology

The DAGATRON Auto Stainer provides fast and easy staining process by automated system control. This new innovated stainer features advanced functions and performances over manual staining or automated dip-type stainers, include simplicity and convenience.

AT-2000G GRAM Auto Stainer(10 slides in 10 minutes)
AT-2000F Acid Fast Bacilli(Fluorochrome)Auto Stainer(10 slides in 17 minutes)
AT-2000Z Acid Fast Bacilli(Ziehl-Neelsen)Auto Stainer(10 slides in 12 minutes)
AT-2000K Acid Fast Bacilli(Kinyoun)Auto Stainer(10 slides in 15 minutes)
AT-2000H Hematology Auto Stainer(10 slides in 7 minutes)
Heating system for Ziehl-Neelsen hot staining method
Auto Stainer, the heating function was built in to fix sputum smear on a slide automatically and to stain it with heating. Temperature in the tray can be controlled. Duration and level of temperature can be preprogrammed.
No Cross Contamination
It available to apply fresh reagent on slides mounted in a rotating tray by atomized nozzle. Specimens contact only fresh, precisely metered stain from separate nozzles.
Just need to select desired stain setting and start the staining cycle. All of staining process can be controlled by control program. It provides consistent reproducibility by controlling all phase of Stain cycle precisely.
Accurate and precision Stain
Can be used by simple operation and it can be available to obtain accurate and precision stain.

Self Cleaning and Reagent level monitoring
Designed to remove "Clog of nozzle" by the debris of reagents and to clean Tray, Nozzle, Pump and Valve easily.The reagent level monitoring function assures to remove wrong stain by lower level of reagent.

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