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D-Dimer Latex (Agglutination) Kits

Diagnostic Reagent for the rapid qualitative or semi-quantitative evaluation of circulating derivates of cross-linked fibrin degradation products (XL-FDP) in human plasma


1 x 2,7 ml D-Dimer Latex
1 x 25 ml D-Dimer Buffer
1 x 0,5 ml Positive Control
1 x 0,5 ml Negative Control
5 pcs. Testcards
50 pcs. Mixing sticks

General Information

Method: Latex Agglutination
Temperature: 37°C
Sample: Sodium Citrate Plasma
Number of Tests
80 Tests manual method

Package Size: D-Dimer Kit (manual), Latex Agglutination

1 Kit contains:
1 x 2,7 ml Latex 0,15%, liquid
1 x 25 ml D-Dimer Buffer, liquid
1 x 0,5 ml Control Plasma Positive, lyo.
1 x 0,5 ml Control Plasma Negative, lyo.
5 Test Cards, 6 rings each
50 Mixing Sticks

80 Tests
Shelf Life / Storage Temperature D-Dimer Kit (manual), Latex Agglutination
Shelf Life
18 months
From the date of production.
Note expiration date on label.

Please note that remaining shelf life at time of delivery might differ. DIALAB keeps the right to ship goods with 9 months remaining shelf life without prior notification.

Storage Temperature : 2 - 8°C
Store protected from light. Close immediately after use.
Do not freeze!

D-Dimer Latex Aggulutination Kit

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