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MyESR-30 Automatic Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

MyESR-30 Automatic Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) Dynamic Analyzer introduces the photoelectricity technology. It will regularly scan and exam the positions of the red blood cells and the interface of the blood plasma, which is automatically controlled by the microcomputer. After processing by the microcomputer, the data will directly be displayed on the large LCD screen, and can also be printed out in the forms of ESR results and ESR curves by the built-in printer.
It's capable of storing 150 sample results and curves. MyESR-30 offers a simple safe economical and highly accurate method for performing ESR determination. Sample is ready to test. It's very easy and convenient. The testing result of the MyESR-30 automatic ESR Dynamic Analyzer can work perfectly without the disturbance of icterus, hemolysis, chyle and other pathological samples and without the bad effect of the external factors. It's compatible to Wei's method.

The Technological Specifications and Features

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is determined by measuring in millimeter per hour, the distance red blood cells have fallen after separating from plasma in a vertical test tube.
Measuring principles: Infrared ray preventing law
Measuring time: 30 minutes/ 60 minutes (Optional)
Accuracy: <2mm/h(ESR≤30mm/h); <3mm/h(ESR-30-80mm/h); <5mm/h(ESR>80mm/h)
Sample volume: 1.6ml concretion resisting whole blood
umber of samples simultaneously measured: 30
Working environment: Temperature: 10-30°C,Relative humidity: ≤80%
Power: AC 220V<10%, 50Hz
Data interface: RS-232
Dimension: 425x300x185mm
Weight: 10kg (Host machine)

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