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Laboratory Centrifuge MPW 215

MPW 215 is a laboratory centrifuge. Its structure guarantees work and the wide range of applications in medical, veterinary, biochemical and others laboratories where constituentsof investigated material are to be separated under the effect of centrifugal force, especially hematocrit.
Maintenance-free brushless motor
Simple control system
Time preselection up to 15 min, at 15 sec
Speed preselection
Safe work,
Digital LCD display of work time
Standard: Hematocrite rotor 24 capillary tubes 75 mm.

Technical Date:

Electric supply
230V 50/60 Hz
115 V 60 Hz
Power consumption 160 W
Max. capacity 52,8 ml
Speed 100-13000 rpm
Max. RCF 16816 x g
Time 50-15 min
Dimensions depth 435 mm
width 355 mm
height 270 mm
Weight without accessories 10 kg

Angle rotor 24 x 2,2/1,5 ml HS*
No 11731/11477
RCF 15682 x g
Max radius R=8,3 cm
Angle 45°

Angle rotor 36 x 0,5 ml HS*
No 11733/11478
RCF 15493 x g
Max radius R=8,2 cm
Angle 45°

Angle rotor 18 x 2 ml (with filter) HS*
No 11738
RCF 15682 x g
Max radius R=8,3 cm
Angle 45°

Angle rotor 12 x 2,2/1,5ml HS*
No 11198
RCF 11500 x g
Max. radius R=6,1 cm
Angle 45°

Angle rotor 4 x 8 x 0,2 ml PCR HS*
No 11734
RCF 13225 x g
Max radius R=7 cm
Angle 45°

Hematocrite rotor for 24 capillary tubes
No 12480
RCF 16816 x g
Max. radius R=8,9 cm

Flat - Hematocrite reader
No 16135

Round - Hematocrite reader
No 16166

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