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Laboratory Centrifuge MPW 223

Family MPW-223 are modern table top laboratory centrifuges:
MPW-223a - for column test
MPW-223b - for oral implantology
MPW-223c - for cytologic tests
MPW-223e - standard
They are applied in medical, biochemical, industrial and other laboratories.

maintenance free, brushless motor
microprocessor controller provides for preselection of speed, time and high repeatability of results
LCD display of actual parameters: speed, time and relative centrifugal force
optimalization of acceleration and deceleration force
wide range of exchangeable rotors and wide range of other accesories
"short" spinning function
unbalance protection system

It is not possible to start, when the cover is open.
It is not possible to open the cover during centrifuging.
Product according to international safety regulations EN-61010-1 and EN-61010-2-020.

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