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MyLyte 600 Electrolyte Analyzer Series

The MyLyte 600 Electrolyte Analyzer series adopt the ion-selective electrode technology. And they are automatically controlled by the computer. They can fast, accurately and reliably test K+, Na +, Cl-, Li+, iCa++, nCa++, pH and TCO2 in the biological sample. It can also calculate the value of anion gap (AG). The MyLyte 600 Electrolyte Analyzer series are convenient and practical clinical testing instrument.

The Technological Characteristics

It employs the microprocessor technology. The working of the instrument is completely controlled by the computer program.
It has the liquid crystal big screen display. The users can interact with the machine directly. The whole operating process is quite simple.
It has automatic air bubble examining function. The accuracy of the examination is guaranteed. The instrument can be 24 hours power on, and will be automatically in the sleeping mode if there is no testing in 10 minutes.
Sample-entering plate is optional. One plate contents 40 sample positions.
Automatic two-point calibration, multi-point quality-control and outside scale modification programs, quality-control program: It can set up 1-3 quality-control samples, calculate the value of X, SD and CV%, and print out 30 days' quality-control chart.
It can store 2000 testing results.


Measuring parameter Measuring range Resolution Measuring Precision
K 0.50-15.0 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L CV≤1.0%
Na 30.0-200.0 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L CV≤1.0%
Cl 30.0-200.0 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L CV≤1.0%
Ca 0.10-5.00 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L CV≤1.0%
Li 0.10-5.00 mmol/L 0.01 mmol/L CV≤3.0%
TCO2 5.0-60.0 mmol/L 0.1 mmol/L CV≤4.0%
pH 6.00-9.00 0.1 CV≤1.0%

Other Parameters

Measuring time ≤60 Seconds (including absorbing the sample, washing and printing time)
Sample volume 120uL Minimum 65uL
Sample types Plasma, serum, whole blood, diluted urine (only measuring K+, Na+, Cl--)
Data output Liquid crystal display (LCD), imbedded printer; RS232 interface can be connected with the exterior computer.
Working environment Temperature 5-40°, Relative humidity ≤80%
Power supply AC220V± 10%, 50Hz, 60VA
Dimension 420mm x 360mm x 270mm
Weight 11kg(host machine)

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