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Platelet-Rich Plasma Control

PLATELET-TROL(R) Extended Range Platelet Control

PLATELET-TROL Extended is a tri-level control designed specifically for monitoring the elevated platelet ranges of hematology analyzers. PLATELET-TROL Extended has 75-day closed vial stability with 14-day open vial stability.
75-day closed vial stability; 2 QC months
14-day open vial stability
Packaged in 3mL pierceable screw cap tubes
Assayed for Abbott CELL-DYN Sapphire, CELL-DYN 3700, CELL-DYN 3700 Vet mode, CELL-DYN 3500, CELL-DYN 3500 Vet mode, ABX Micros 60, Pentra 80, Bayer Advia 120, Advia 2120, Advia 2120i, BECKMAN COULTER GEN*S, Sysmex XE-2100 and Sysmex XE-2100D.
PTE004 is designed for: Abbott CELL-DYN 3500/3700, ABX Pentra 80, BECKMAN COULTER GEN*S
PTE006 is designed for: Abbott CELL-DYN Sapphire, 3500/3700 Vet mode, ABX Micros 60, Bayer Advia 120, 2120, 2120i
PTE007 is designed for: Sysmex XE-2100, XE-2100D

PLATELET-TROL(R) II Platelet Reference Control

PLATELET-TROL II is a tri-level stable suspension of mammalian platelets, which parallels human platelets in size and distribution, and is used in the same manner as a platelet-rich patient plasma specimen. Specific assay values are provided for semi-automated and manual methodologies. PLATELET-TROL II has 195-day closed vial stability with 35-day open vial stability.
195-day closed vial stability; 6 QC months
35-day open vial stability
Packaged in 3mL vials
Assayed for Semi-automated and Manual Methods

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