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Lipid Profile Measuring System

The Lipid ProTM is a fast and reliable self testing system intereded for in vitro diagnostic use. This system enables to check total cholesterol, HDL(high density lipoprotein) cholesterol and triglyceride with fresh capillary whole blood, venous blood and plasma serum.

Also, this system can measure glucose level with fresh capillary whole blood.

Calculation of LDL(Friedewald's formula)
When TG is over 350mg/dL, LDL is not calculated.

The Technological Specifications

Glucose Cholesterol Triglyceride HDL
Measuring principle Enzyme oxidation reaction Enzyme chromophoric reaction Enzyme chromophoric reaction Enzyme chromophoric reaction
Measuring method Electro chemistry Spectroscopy Spectroscopy Spectroscopy
Measuring range 10~600mg/dl 100~400mg/dl 80~600mg/dl 25~80mg/dl
Measuring time 3sec Appr.1min~2min Appr.1min~2min Appr.1min
Sample volume 0.3ul 5ul 5ul 5ul
R^2 0.98 0.95 0.97 0.90
CV <5% <5% <5% <7%
Hct influence 20~60% 30~55% 30~55% 30~55%

Measurement Process

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