G6PD 2 Level Control


G6PD 2 Level Control

2 Levels G6PD Quality Control Kit

Quality Control material similar to human sample

Control range were compatible with that in neonatal blood. QC material prepared from human whole blood spot onto Guthrie card (Whatman 903) certified by IVD Manufacturer.


Product Type: Quality Control
Brand: UCL
Longer shelf life when stored in -20°C freezer
Quality Control with longer shelf life and is stable up to 3 years when stored in -20°C. The Homogeneity and Stability are checked according to ISO 13528.


  • Ready to use: QC made of dried blood spot
  • Deficient & Normal Level Control
  • Up to 3 years shelf life

It is recommended to use 2-3mm puncher to get around 4-5 small dried blood spots for G6PD testing.

Storage: 2°C – 8°C, -20°C

Level: Level 1 (Deficient), Level 2 (Normal)  
Catalogue No.Item
QuantityStorage and Stability

UCL G6PD Quality Control (2 Level)

Dried Blood Spot


1 Large sachet (L)                                    1 pack

-Contain 5 Small sachets (S)

Package Insert                                      1 pc
1 packOn board use:

1 week (2-8°C)
Low temp. freezer:

3 years (-20°C)

UCL G6PD QC Catalogue

Instruction For Use