G6PD 3 Level Control


G6PD 3 Level Control

3 Levels G6PD Quality Control Kit

For determining G6PD procedure reliability

The test is intended for use in the quality control of procedures which determine G-6-PD quantitatively or qualitatively for red cell glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency in newborns and adults.


Product Type: Quality Control
Brand: Atlas Medical
Deficient, Intermediate & Normal level controls
Complete with 3 levels: Deficient (1), Intermediate (2), and Normal (3) level controls. Intermediate control is important to determine intermediate level accurately and efficiently, meaning less re-testing or laboratory outsourcing needed to diagnose an intermediate case.

Only 1-step mixing with distilled water
Atlas G6PD control kit set is produced in 3 separate level vials, 2 vials for each level. Just mix each vial with 0.5ml distilled water, allow to stand for 5 minutes, and swirl until proper mixing. The control kit set can be used by following standard G6PD procedure after reconstitution.


  • 1-step mixing
  • Deficient, Intermediate & Normal Control
  • Lyophilized reagent for longer storage stability

Storage: 2°C – 8°C, -20°C

Level: Level 1 (Deficient), Level 2 (Intermediate), Level 3 (Normal)
Catalogue No.ItemQuantityStorage and Stability
8054700003ATLAS G6PD Quality Control (3 Level)


Deficient Level Control (0.5ml)              2 bottle

Intermediate Level Control (0.5ml)       2 bottle

Normal Level Control (0.5ml)                  2 bottle

Package Insert                                          1 pc
1 kitBefore reconstitution:

stable until expiry (2-8°C)
After reconstitution:

1 weeks (2-8°C)

3 weeks (-20°C)