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Plain Tube

Serum Plain Tube

The Serum Tube is used for serum biochemical tests. The interior wall is finely coated with Clot Activator which accelerates the blood coagulation process after collection. The advanced coagulant formula results in moderate blood coagulation in a relatively short time, avoiding potential hemolysis problem that caused by too rapid clotting. This generates clear and transparent serum specimen after centrifugation.


Product Type: Consumables
Brand: VacuCyte
Also Available:

Microtainer Plain tube 0.5ml (Plastic)

Micro High Type Clot Activator 0.5ml

Cap ColorRed
AnticoagulantClot Activator (spray dried)
Packaging1000 pcs/box
Tube Size13 x 75 mm / 13 x 100mm
Volume4ml / 5ml
Clotting time<30min in normal temperature
Max. speed5000 RPM for centrifugation
Catalogue No.ItemItemQuantity
UR040CAVacuCyte® Plain tube 4.0ml13 x 75mm1000pcs/box
UR050CAVacuCyte® Plain tube 5.0ml13 x 100mm1200pcs/box
URS1005CAVacuCyte® Microtainer Plain 0.5ml10 x 45mm100pcs/pack
GDNM005CAVacuCyte® Micro High Type Clot Activator 0.5ml13 x 75mm1000pcs/box

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