Mobile UV Air Sterilizer

Environmental Quality Equipment

Mobile UV Air Sterilizer


Variable range of use

The sterilizer is suitable for use in medical institutions, production workshops with hygienic requirements, public places where disinfection is required, and family rooms, etc., for indoor air disinfection under conditions, and can also be used under unmanned conditions.


Product Type: Laboratory Equipment
Brand: Biobase
Killing microbes
The microbial species are killed by common bacteria in the air. The main bactericidal factor of this machine is ultraviolet light (UV), and the radiation intensity of its ultraviolet germicidal lamp meets the technical requirements of the product.


  • negative ion generator
  • activated carbon filter
  • ultraviolet germicidal lamp

The mobile cabinet sterilizer does not need to be installed. Take out the machine and plug it into the power supply.

Circulating Air≥600m3/h
O₃ Residue≤0.0074mg/m3
Applicable Room≤60m2
Ultraviolet Leakage≤5μw/cm2

Temp. Range                      : -10°C~40°C

Humidity                               : ≤80%

Atmosphere Pressure       : 60KPa~106KPa
Power SupplyAC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
External Size (WxDxH) mm540x420x900
Package Size (WxDxH) mm580x490x960
Gross Weight22 kg