MAS UA Quality Control


MAS UA Quality Control

Urine FEME Control

For routine urinalysis testing

Intended for use in the clinical laboratory as a control for qualitative and semi-quantitative procedures to compare observations with expected ranges as a means of assuring consistent performance of reagent and equipment.


Product Type: Quality Control
Brand: Thermofisher
Adaptable control material Suitable for use as a control material for physiochemical, chemical, and microscopic methods of routine urinalysis, and may be used in conjunction with commercially available standardized systems for urine microscopic analysis.

  • 19 analytes claimed
  • Target values for major instruments
  • 3 tube configurations
  • Enhanced open-vial stability claims
  • Level Normal & Abnormal, available in Multipack
  • For urine FEME assays


Storage: 2°C – 8°C, 18°C – 25°C

Level: Level 1 (Normal) or Level 2 (Abnormal) or Multipack (Bilevel)
Catalogue No. ItemVolumeOpen Vial StabilityClosed Vial Stability
MAUAB-115MAS UA Level 16 x 15ml3 months (2-8°C)

6 weeks (18-25°C)
24 months
MAUAB-215MAS UA Level 26 x 15ml
MAUAB-160MAS UA Level 14 x 60ml
MAUAB-260MAS UA Level 24 x 60ml
MAUAB-MPMAS UA Multipack (Bi-level)6 x 15ml